By its own admission, Qatar says it only has two days of fresh water in reserve

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Qatar, which imports 90 percent of its food, is ignoring or failing to face a critical and vital reality as Doha’s fresh water reserves can only last for just two days.

The British daily newspaper The Telegraph recently highlighted Qatar’s lack of water reserves when it quoted Fahad Al-Attiyah, a food security expert and national infrastructure engineer, who talked about the alarming data at a TED Talk conference on the unexpected ways that the small state of Qatar creates its water supply.


Qatar imports 90 percent of its food and has been in real panic since Saudi Arabia closed its only land border with Qatar on June 5, causing real turmoil and fear of potential famine.

Research conducted by the Qatar Foundation noted that Doha is becoming more dependent on desalinated water to meet 99 percent of the local water needs. However, desalination methods consume a lot of energy, which is reflected in very high water prices.

According to a study of the Qatar’s water security program, the small emirate is under the ‘water-poverty line’ for renewable water resources, which require a per capita quota of around 1,000 m3 per year, while Qatar’s share does not exceed 50 m3 / year.

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