How four brothers triggered terror across Saudi Arabia’s al-Awamiyah district

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In one of the dens in the Saudi town of al-Awamiyah hid four al-Qedehi brothers who were wanted by the security services.

Their names were associated with terrorist operations in Qatif, where sources told Al Arabiya that they had been involved in drug dealing, kidnapping of innocent civilians and many terrorist operations over the past two decades. Jassim and Ghazi Ali al-Qedehi were arrested while their brother Bassim was recently killed. Maitham, the fourth brother, is still hiding in the neighborhood of al-Masoura, which has become a hotspot of terrorists who have launched several attacks against citizens and security forces this past four years in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Al Arabiya has found a link between the terrorists al- Masoura area and the four brothers who were recently handed with death sentences while others are waiting to be arrested. Al Arabiya received a photo of Bassim with Mahdi al-Sayegh, a convict who was executed last Tuesday. The photo revealed that the terrorists received terror training by elements of the terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah group.

Remaining fourth brother: Maitham al-Qedehi

Security authorities recently killed Bassim after a confrontation in al-Awamiyah after he was targeted for participating in more than one attack on security headquarters and his involvement in the kidnapping of citizen Shah al-Shukan.

As for the wanted 27-year-old Maitham, evidence has proven that he has been involved in many terrorist and criminal activities in the area. His name is often associated with the terrorist Mohammed al-Ammar. Two months ago, Maitham appeared in a video threatening the residents of the town who rejected the terrorists with revenge operations.

He was recently listed among nine wanted convicts by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior after targeting citizens, residents and security men, and the destruction of public, security and economic facilities, and the disruption of public life.

Maitham is also being held responsible of recruting terrorists who kidnapped Qatif judge Mohammed al-Jirani and identify them from the same area where the Sheikh lived in Tarut Island.

He also met with two of the terrorists who were executed in Qatif. They were Yousif Ali Almushaikhis and Mahdi Sayegh. Their photos were posted on social media sites in successive meetings before they were arrested.

History of terrorism

The Interior Ministry arrested Jassim for his involvement in shooting at security men in Tarut Island, in addition to participating in shooting against security forces and their patrol units along with wanted men. He was arrested with the recently arrested Sayegh. They were arrested while seizing two Kalashnikovs, a pistol and a military suit.

The Saudi authorities arrested Ghazi in al-Awamiyah while trying to enter Bahrain through King Fahad's bridge last April.

The Al-Qedehi’s uncle is the detainee Abdullah al-Aujan, who was sentenced to death but currently on appeal in Riyadh’s specialized court on terrorism.