Houthi event held in Sanaa University sparks uproar

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Sanaa - A sectarian seminar entitled “Al-Sarkha” (The Scream) held by Houthi militias in Sanaa University stirred uproar with many slamming the Houthis for violating the esteemed university to propagate a dangerous sectarian ideology.

According to news reports published by media outlets affiliated with the Houthis, the seminar was held on Sunday to mark the annual memory of “The Scream” which is the Houthis’ slogan.

The seminar was held under the slogan “The Scream Against the Insolent” and was entitled “The Scream and its Influence on the Nation’s Reality and Future.” Deputy Minister of Higher Education in the unrecognized rebels’ government and Houthi commander Abdullah al-Shami attended the event.

Yemeni activists and politicians slammed the Houthis and their ally ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh and accused them of violating the sanctity of Sanaa University to hold a sectarian seminar on “The Scream.”

The slogan “The Scream” reminds the Yemeni people of the Iranian-backed armed gangs’ murder of thousands of Yemenis, instability and evil practices such as tearing apart of the social fabric.

Meanwhile, Khaled al-Rawyshan, a former Yemeni culture minister said: “Is this how Sanaa University ended up? A (place) to hold a seminar about ‘the scream?’ Can you imagine this? What’s happening in Yemen is stranger than fiction.”

Former Houthi leader Ali al-Bakhiti slammed Saleh and the General People's Congress and asked why Saleh and his party agree to the sectarian events held by the Houthis while ignoring the status of Sanaa University.

He also asked what the role of the Minister of Higher Education Hussein Hazeb in the rebels’ cabinet was in all this.

Samia Abdo, a political activist, also spoke out against holding the event at the university and asked: “Who would have imagined that there will come a day when an event like this would be held in the esteemed Sanaa University?”

She also said that the most honorable act would be to confront and fight “these villains,” adding that history will curse the Yemenis if they remain silent over this farce.