Would Hazimis - the most violent, extremist group - replace ISIS?

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Researchers looking into the workings ISIS are of the opinion that once vanquished, its place would be taken by groups that are more violent and extremist. High on the list are the ‘Hazimis.’

In fact, many extremists have been communicating through the Telegram app, atoning for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and claiming that he is responsible for the defeat of ISIS because of his leniency in implementing Shariaa law.

The organization of the Hazimis gained its name from terrorist Ahmed bin Omar al-Hazimi, who was arrested by Saudi Arabia in 2015.

Hazimi’s popularity grew among terrorists after he challenged the ISIS Grand Mufti, Turki al-Binali from Bahrain.

According to the researcher in Islamic affairs Abdelali Raqad, the latter was killed last May in a Russian raid on al-Raqqa.


He added that the first dispute between the two broke out because al-Binali considers that it is not possible to atone the ignorant while al-Hazimi does.

Al-Qaeda was the first to attack al-Hazmi through a series of articles and statements published by the terrorist website Sahab.

Al-Hazimi’s writings and tapes are scattered here and there. They deny and atone ISIS and al-Qaeda, and call on people not to abide by scholars - to expiate and kill those suspected of atonement - and to not follow any law that is contrary to Sharia law, even if it is based on the opinion of scholars.