Woman who appeared in a viral video released in Saudi without charges

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Saudi Arabia announced that a woman who was briefly detained after appearing in a video that went viral has been released without charge.

The viral video and the reaction to it in Saudi Arabia prompted police to bring the woman in for not conforming to the public dress code in Saudi Arabia.

The young woman drew attention over the weekend when the video appeared online showing her walking in a historic village north of the capital, Riyadh, wearing a miniskirt and crop top, and showing her hair.

Some people angered by the video took to Twitter , commenting that she violated rules and should be arrested so as to set an example. At the same time, there were others who rushed to her defense, questioning why the video had sparked such an outrage.

Usually, women living in the kingdom, including foreigners, wear long, loose robes in public. Most Saudi women also wear a headscarf.

It is not entirely clear whether the woman was questioned for what she was wearing or for having uploaded a video on social media from a venue that required prior permissions.

Agencies said the woman was released on Tuesday evening after questioning and that she told investigators that the video posted on social media was published without her knowledge.

“She was released without charge and the case has been closed by the prosecutor,” a statement said.

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