Huwairini’s posting as Saudi security head contradicts New York Times claims

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The terrorists knew pretty well the caliber of the recently named head of Saudi state security presidium, Abdel Aziz al-Huwairini. Because this is man who wielded the stick so effectively and punished, frustrated and troubled them to the extent they have made him their main enemy.

Huwairini is not familiar to the ordinary Saudi citizens, because devoted his entire energy and focus to chase the country’s enemies. In this mission, he succeeded time and again, neutralizing terrorists who crossed his path, and making the lives of citizens free of terror.

Terrorists made him their principal enemy after he began chasing them since the late 90s, and during their intensified wave of criminal acts from 2003 to 2007.

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Huwairini accomplished the mission he was appointed to. After terrorist designs were effectively foiled, the external terror funders became furious, especially in London, and they started plotting against him. Mainly they tried to publish these fabricated news, but al-Huwairini was loyal to his leaders and his leader.

The New York Times published a recent report based on information supplied by the terrorist supporters abroad, prominent among them Saad al-Faqih, stating that al-Huwairini was under house arrest.

Thursday’s Saudi royal decree to appoint al-Huwairini as head of the new state security presidium has thwarted the attempts by supporters of terrorism to undermine the efforts of loyalists.

Huwairini had said: “Security surveillance sectors cannot be loved but they need to be fair”. He was aware of what he was referring to. The security services were pursuing criminals and outlaws, and aborting their criminal goals.

Huwairini turned the intelligence agency into a fair institution and provided disclosures to the public and media about the number of those being held, and to whoever wanted to know more details.

Abdel Wahab Al-Fayez, the editor-in-chief of ‘Al-Youm’ newspaper, described in a previous article about al-Huwairini, that he speaks with the logic of the man of the state, who sees all the dimensions and challenges in his work and looks forward to the future, and as one who is keen to follow the justice methodology in the general investigations work.

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