This is how Egypt's govt dealt with story of woman forced to dress as a man

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Beni Suef’s governor Sharif Habib ordered a social welfare team to visit Bahia Sleiman, who had abandoned her femininity and embraced a man’s world using the name Bakar to make ends meet for her family.

Bahia cut her hair short and began wearing the jalabiya, a long robe worn by men in Egypt, and began working on her husband’s tuk-tuk after an accident left him disabled and bedridden.

Habib directed a team from the governorate to visit Bahia and her family to assess their difficult situation, the governorate said in a statement on Sunday, adding that the team is tasked with dealing with difficult social and humanitarian circumstances.

The governor then met with the team after it visited Bahia and discussed their report and means to improve the family’s living conditions and provide their basic needs.

According to the report, Bahia has three children between the ages 4 and 9. The family lives in a house made of white bricks and is not well-equipped. For the past six months, some charity organizations have helped them pay some debts and provided medical aid.

Following the meeting, the governorate decided to provide some immediate financial and in-kind assistance in coordination with the ministry of social solidarity and non-governmental organizations. Among the aid are a stove, washing machine and kitchen equipment.

A kiosk will also be given to the family within a week to help them sell merchandise and make a living while the ministry of social solidarity will provide financial aid to help them pay off some of their debts.

Habib also asked the ministry of health to follow up on the family’s health situation and keep him posted.

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