Pakistani scholar condemns ‘Qatari, Iranian attempts to politicize Hajj’

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Pakistan Ulema Council General Secretary Tahir Aqeel has told Al Arabiya that he condemns “Qatari and Iranian conspiracies to confuse the Muslim pilgrims and implicate politics during the Hajj pilgrimage”.

“We are more than 5,000 scholars who work under the Pakistan Ulema Council, led by Sheikh Taher Ashrafi. We condemn the politicization of Hajj and condemn strongly what Qatar and Iran are doing in conspiring attempts to spread sedition, protest and disturb the pilgrims during the Hajj season,” Aqeel said.

“The message of Hajj is a message of unity, security and peace to the Muslim world, and we do not want the Hajj to become a subject of dispute and disagreement,” the Pakistani scholar added.

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Last week, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on that “Qatar’s request to internationalize the holy sites is an aggressive act and a declaration of war against the kingdom”.

Previously, Jubeir rejected Qatar’s attempts to politicize Hajj matters and reiterated that Qataris were welcome to perform the pilgrimage.

Hajj pilgrims from around the world have started arriving in Saudi Arabia to prepare for the pilgrimage. But, no one from Qatar has come yet despite the Kingdom’s constant calls welcoming them.

A Saudi official said that Qatar is banning its citizens from performing Hajj. Qatar has not announced the reason behind the closure yet.