Dutch teenager lured by his sister working for ISIS, only to be killed in Raqqa

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Elias Snoussi is a 14-year-old Dutch teenager of Moroccan origin whose elder sister, 24-year-old Mariam, travelled to Syria to join ISIS, after fooling their father and convincing him that she is travelling to Egypt to study jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University.

But as soon as she settled down in Raqqa, Mariam sent for her younger brother and mother persuading them to join her there.

The young Elias carried the weapon as an ISIS fighter and was killed in one of the international coalition raids.

Recounting the tragedy

The father of Elias and Mariam Hussein Snoussi recounts the tragedy in Amsterdam. He who is still living in shock since he was informed of the death of his son, and before sharing his story through ‘Sena’t Al Moat’ program on Al-Arabiya channel, to warn other families to avoid the catastrophe that has befelled him.

The recruitment tactics of extremists succeeds in penetrating the minds of children without their parents realizing it. Anyone may find himself in the same painful position in a very short time.

Hussein Snoussi tries to overcome his tears while hugging the picture of his young child Elias saying that he thought that extremism was far from his young son who was born and lived his whole life in Netherlands, and was raised in an open-minded environment and a tolerant, moderate Islam.

Sinister ways of recruitment

His older daughter Mariam got recruited into ISIS through a young man she had met, and who convinced her in ISIS ideology, and travelled with him to Syria where they got married. They had two children before her husband got killed while defending the ISIS positions.

Through Mariam, the older daughter, the recruitment extended to her mother and her younger brother, as she arranged their travel to Syria without the father realizing where they were headed.

Hussein Snoussi stressed that what relieves him now is that he participates in a group where teenagers and families of these youth who had been deceived and recruited by ISIS, are provided training and awareness sessions warning them of the dangerous, extreme thoughts and the methods of recruitment adopted by the ISIS to persuade young people from Europe to the militia strongholds.

The whole episode will be broadcast in ‘Sena’et Al Moat’ program on Friday, August 11, at 18.30 GMT.

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