Number of homeless in Britain expected to double by 2041, Crisis warns

Mostapha Zarou

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London - A charity’s research predicts a rise in the number of people in Britain without a roof over their heads to more than double by 2014 to 392,000, unless significant changes are made.

Crisis, the national charity for the homeless in Britain, estimated the majority affected will be people sleeping rough, their number will more than quadruple, from 9,100 in 2016 to 40,100 by 2041 across the UK.

Many people walking through city centers across the UK will have noticed the growing number of people sleeping rough and begging on streets. The scale of homelessness crisis had increased significantly since 2010 when the conservative came to power.

Jon Sparkes, Crisis chief executive, said there was a need to “first understand the scale of the problem that includes all forms of homelessness”. Adding “Crisis still exist because homelessness still exists, and this report makes it only too clear that unless we take action as a society, the problem is only going to get worse with every year that passes”.

Many of the households experiencing homelessness are single adults of working age, but there is also a significant number of families and children suffering as well. The report estimates out of 57,000 family households 82,000 adults and 50,000 children are affected.

Forecasts are based on the current policies across the home nations and assume a little change in the future of economy, poverty and other key variables.
Critics of the government see these new forecast figures as a terrible reminder of the consequences of Conservative ministers’ seven years of failure on housing. The Labour party said: this a direct result of a steep cuts in investment for affordable homes and cuts to housing benefits.

A spokesman from the department for Communities and Local Government said: ‘This Government is determined to help the most vulnerable in society and we’re working to make sure people always have a roof over their head.

“We know this is an issue Government can’t solve alone and so welcome Crisis’s support for our commitment to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping”.