Barcelona attacker’s pro-Assad selfie throws mixed signals

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The Facebook account of the Barcelona attacker has raised a lot of questions in recent days after it emerged that Moussa Oukabir posted what appeared to have been a selfie with a logo associated with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP).

The SSNP closely linked to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his brutal regime.

Other images reported by Oukabir showed him with signs and expressions that may indicate his deep support for the Syrian regime.

One photo in particular showing the Barcelona Attack perpetrator with a “Yo Soy Siria” (I am Syria) tagline above a Syrian regime flag was scrutinized and tackled first by a widely circulated German newspaper.

Spanish authorities are continuing their investigations about Oukabir, 18, who is suspected of driving a pickup truck that and ramming it into a crowd that fatally killed 14 people and wounded 100 others in “Las Ramblas” in the center of Barcelona on Thursday evening.

ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Spanish authorities continue to search for the background of the attack and its motives.

This is where Oukabir’s Facebook account comes into play as it has shed some light surrounding several aspects of the Moroccan teenager’s personality. Western media have largely focused on the picture published by Okber on April 9, almost two days after the now infamous chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhon, when he shared his pro-SSNP selfie.

It is not known whether Oukabir is aware that by participating in that campaign he was supporting Assad's regime, or whether he was interested in the campaign because it opposed the West.

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