Documents prove Houthi-Saleh conspiracy to sell Yemen’s state properties abroad

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The Yemeni government has revealed a conspiracy planned by Houthis militias and the ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh in which they planned to sell governmental properties, building and the property of its diplomatic missions abroad for profit.

“The documents and properties of the Yemeni embassies abroad are in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital Sanaa, which was seized by the coup plotters” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement received by the Yemeni news agency (Saba’).

Hisham Sharaf enabled the Houthis to seize it and helped senior leadership among the coup alliance to conspire and illegally sell the properties. Sharaf is said to have pretended to be the country’s minister of foreign affairs in order to be able to carry out the rest of his plan. He reportedly authorized Iranian and Lebanese brokers and lawyers to sell governmental Yemeni offices in more than one country.

“The Yemeni Foreign Ministry has begun to address the concerned countries, starting with the British Foreign Ministry, to warn them against any disposition of the Republic of Yemen properties and its diplomatic missions,” the statement added.

Warning Statement issued by the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Supplied)

Yemen’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that it would not allow any loss of Yemen’s properties both abroad and in Sanaa, and that it would prosecute all those involved in the conspiracy.

The ministry explained that the approach is a continuation of the “barbaric practices” in seizing of state funds and the diplomatic missions’ properties in Yemen, explaining that the coup coalition had already conducted an illegal sale of property owned by the Turkish embassy in Sanaa.

The ministry also reiterated its rejection of any acts or tampering with the Republic of Yemen properties and its diplomatic missions abroad or the property of the diplomatic missions of other countries at home, stressing that these acts are considered as crimes by the Yemeni Constitution and requires punishment by the law.

Yemen’s ambassador to London reveals further details

The Yemeni ambassador to Britain, Dr. Yassin Said Noman, revealed the actions of the militias to sell the assets and properties of the Yemeni embassy in London because they had the original documents of these properties that were in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital Sanaa, which is under the control of the coup.

Al Arabiya received a copy of an official letter from Yemen's ambassador to London to Minister Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi regarding the plan of the coup militia to sell the ambassador's house in London and Birmingham.

The letter revealed a plan being prepared and implemented by the coup in Sanaa to sell the state property using the proprietary documents they have at the Foreign Ministry building in Sanaa, in collusion with experienced brokers in this field, and another from the "Houthis informants with the Iranian embassy in London," according to the letter.

Al Arabiya has obtained the Yemeni Ambassador in London’s letter on the attempted coup d'état sale of state property outside the country. (Supplied)

“Yesterday the Houthis needed a Saleh’s authority to enforce their control, when they took away this authority from him, they now need his speech to cover their project, but the two parties negotiated a lot and began to implement it recently is the transfer of historical experience in selling the assets and property of the State abroad through gangs formed for this purpose in many capitals, including London; where they began the project by taking over the original documents of these properties located in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa in collusion with experts in this field,” Ambassador Noman said on Facebook.

“We stopped this project in London, other missions should take care of this conspiracy, especially as there is someone who impersonates the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sana'a and conspire in this devilish plan,” Ambassador Noman said on Facebook,” he added.

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