Doha has to ‘quickly and openly’ resolve the issue of revoked citizenships

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Qatari opposition member, Mohammed bin Jalal al-Marri, called on the United Nations, human rights organizations and the Gulf countries to look in to the problems of Qatari dissidents.

Al-Marri called also on the government of Qatar to ‘quickly and openly’ resolve the issue of Qatari citizens who have had their citizenships revoked.

The opposition member, speaking at the Qatar Global Security & Stability Conference taking place in London, told the audience the Qatari authorities have displaced thousands and revoked their citizenships since 1996 leading up to Wednesday, where a tribal chief and 54 others including women and children have had their citizenships revoked.

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“Our tribesmen who have pledged allegiance to the previous emirs were tortured, they were made up of more than 200 military officers and were all thrown in prison,” al-Marri said.

He said that the military officers, which included his father, were put in jail for three years before the Qatari regime took away their nationalities.

“The People from al-Ghufran tribe live now either in exile and those who are still there are prevented from seeking medical assistance and their children cannot go to school,” he said.


He stressed that they are Qatari citizens who have participated in the Zubarah battle, in reference to a 1783 battle in the city of Zubarah against Persian forces. “Only the original Qataris participated in that battle and our forefathers were there,” he said.

Al-Marri told the audience that that his mother suffered from cancer in Qatar due to the stresses brought on by the split of his family, where his brother, sister and himself are in Saudi Arabia and unable to see her until she died.