Indian extremist preacher Nadwi once declared allegiance to ISIS chief Baghdadi

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“From Salman al-Husseini al-Nadwi, one of the servants of Islam to the Commander of the Faithful, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Husseini - may God preserve him - and benefit the nation and raise the flag of Islam. I have been closely and earnestly following the news of the Islamic State. I have also been observing the Afghan state of affairs from the days of the Jihad against the Soviets. It is clear that the different disputes between the fighting organizations in Syria disadvantaged us, yet amidst this turmoil you have offered glorious news. Indeed, it was found that you took over Mosul in Iraq and you achieved great victory over the tyrant al-Maliki."

Unexpectedly, the above mentioned quote is not one of the messages of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, official spokesman of ISIS, but rather the words of Indian preacher Salman al-Nadwi who was hosted by the office of Yusuf Qaradawi in Qatar after the Sultanate of Oman deported him late last week.

Nadwiwas expelled from Muscat for his numerous attacks and inflammatory allegations against Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Countries and their respective governments. Views he outwardly conveyed during one of his lectures at the Faculty of Sharia Sciences in the Sultanate.

He further states in his speech to al-Baghdadi that: “I heard your speech at the Mosul Mosque two days ago, on Friday during Ramadan. Most of the Sunni tribes are allied with you and Jihadist organization are unwilling to fight against you, but know that I accept you as the legitimate Leader of the Faithful (Amir al-Mu'minin).

Nadwi’s presence in Qatar comes as no surprise since he has always considered Doha an important place that embraced his preaching. He was the first to recognize the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and the Syria", and to congratulate al-Baghdadi personally after the latter assumed the post of "Caliph".

Furthermore, Nadwi relayed, after being permitted to preach in Doha, in his address to the Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College students his congratulatory letter to al-Baghdadi. During which he praised the ISIS chief for the safe arrival of the Indian nurses to India stating that “upon arriving to India, the nurses attested to the good treatment they received and the exemplary conduct of al- Baghdadi’s men”

Calling for an Islamic Caliphate

It might be difficult to pinpoint and delimit all of Nadwi’s numerous views through his social media page or his speeches, yet it is clear that one of his most important and controversial demands would be his call for Saudi Arabia’s government to host an “Islamic Caliphate” as well as the establishment of a global confederation of "jihadist" organizations, active around the world. He further claims that the creation of a Confederation of Islamic and jihadist organizations comes as an attempt to establish a dialogue between the different parties, and to institute common scholarly ground supervised by religion erudite, as a means to avoid, in Nadwi’s words any form of negligence, excess or scarcity.

He went even further and called on Saudi Arabia not to refer to extremists as terrorists and to cease any attempt to arrest them since for him they represented but a “youth fighting for nobles causes.”

Moreover, in his letter to the Saudi government, he called for the formation of an international Islamic army, and vowed to recruit himself 500,000 volunteers from the Indian subcontinent. He declared that the Saudi government would only have to “equip this young and strong Islamic army of Indian volunteers without having to resort to the weak youths of the Gulf countries bent on enjoying luxury and riches.”

Nadwi controversially added: "Since the land of the Two Holy Mosques is the heart of the Muslim nation and the pole of the Muslim world, Jews and Christians must be removed by the Saudi government. There is no room for cursed Jews or misguided Christians within the Holy land.”

On describing and praising al-Qaradawi

In a letter published on his social media account, the Indian preacher described Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is but the grandson of an important political Islamic figure, namely "Abu al-Hasan Nadwi”. He deemed him the “uncontested Imam of the Muslim world”. Furthermore, addressing al-Qaradawi he stated that "All Islamic movements, groups and organizations from the Islamic world within the International Union of Muslim Scholars agree on the validity of your rule and leadership.

Those who accuse you of terrorism are but creatures of villainy and wickedness. In addition, the former Imam Abu al-Hasan Nadwi wrote only in praise of your person, sound judgment and words. "

Additionally, Nadwi encouraged a union of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in order to form a common front in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

He added: “The Islamic nation is undergoing a serious crisis in the Gulf states, particularly Qatar. The latter is viciously and wrongly targeted for hosting various Islamist figures, supporting Hamas, and other organizations including the Muslim brotherhood. On top of that, Qatar is insidiously accused of standing with Iran, whereas these allegations exist with the sole intention of making Qatar capitulate.”

Different religious and cultural organizations within the Indian subcontinent denounced the views and calls promulgated by the preacher Salman Nadwi concerning the institution of an Islamic Caliphate as well as his open support for a leader of a terrorist organization, and even went as to demand the Indian authorities to withdraw the preacher’s Indian nationality.