Sheikh al-Manea: The basis for the decision allowing women to drive explained

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As explained by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea, member of the Supreme Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia, the basis for the decision granting women the right to drive was only permitted by striking down the original text which banned women from driving in the first place.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manea added that on the occasion of the instauration of the royal decree, traffic laws as well as all related executive regulations and procedures (including the issuance of driving licenses) will be applied in total equality on both men and women. He further stated that: “it was for his royal highness to act in the best interest of its public and the greater good of the society.“


Additionally, he stressed that the regulations surrounding the decision to allow women to drive will be instituted so as to eliminate any potential downside that could be related to it.

Sheikh Al-Manea declared that his Royal Highness - may God protect him perceives the well being of his community as his highest duty hence his constant need to achieve the the well-being and development of the society.

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