Watch: Houthi masterplan to recruit Yemeni children and prisoners

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In an exclusive documentary produced by Al Arabiya, Yemeni captives in Saudi Arabia have revealed that Iran and the Hezbollah militia have been training and recruiting prisoners to join the Houthi ranks.

‘Victims of a Partnership’ sheds light on the status of hundreds of prisoners captured by Saudi forces on the Yemeni borders and reflects the partnership between former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Houthi militias and Iran.

“They threatened me with my mother and father, and they said they would kill my father, leave my mother without food or shelter and let her die of starvation,” one victim said.

Detainees explain on camera how they were recruited and reveal the methods used to mislead them into fighting battles without knowing the reason behind them.

Another victim said that they had three Iranian and two Lebanese trainers in the camp. “One was called Abul Hassan, he was in charge of us,” a former child soldier said. “I was in charge of reconnaissance while my friends had to place mines on the (Saudi) border along with a camera man who recorded the operation,” he added.

For the tripartite Houthi, Iranian and Saleh alliance kidnapping young people and preparing them for war has become an institution in itself.

In Yemen, this has become an enterprise for the profit of the Houthis, Saleh and Iran.
Saudi forces currently detain hundreds of armed men fighting for the Houthi militia and Saleh in private cells. The men are receiving medical treatment and social care.