Khufu pyramid cavity a ‘mystery’ that will reveal secrets

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After announcing the existence of a cavity of a plane size inside the Khufu pyramid, which goes back to 4,500 years, the Egyptian Ministry of Monuments revealed that archaeologists are aware of the existence of numerous cavities inside the pyramids, and that it is not something new.

"This cavity is built in the Great Pyramid, while King Khufu was still alive according to the location of the cavity from the top of the pyramid, which means that it is not a burial chamber. It also means that the builders of the pyramid designed this cavity as a closed capsule, and allocated it for a specific purpose that has not been revealed yet, and continued to build the pyramid. There are two explanations for this : the first one is that this cavity was made to bury something, which is still a mysterious secret; the second explanation is that this cavity was designed as part of the design of the pyramid, but no one knows the secret or on what constructional and engineering equation,” Dr. Abdel Fattah El-Banna, the former Minister of Monuments, told Al


He also added that there is a third explanation for the cavity, an interpretation that the Egyptian minister says is a personal belief and strongly linked to the religious faith of the ancient Egyptians, where they believed that the king is the Son of God or a half-god. Upon his death, the soul exits to ascend to heaven. The body remains in the earth and must be transferred to the burial chamber, that’s why they made so-called sun-boats.

Rumor regarding the boats

There was a wrong rumor in the past that the boats buried next to the pyramid - discovered in the fifties - were the sun-boats, but in fact it was proved to be funerary boats used to transport the body of the king across the Nile to the other bank where there was the temple and the pyramid where the burial chamber is located.

Dr. Abdul-Fattah al-Banna noted that the discovered cavity might contain the real sun-boat that belongs to the King.

The Egyptian minister reveals another secret of the Pharaohs. He said that Egypt has 110 pyramids, three of which are in the pyramids area. Each pyramid carries the name of one king and has a single burial chamber reserved for the king only, located at the bottom of the pyramid itself, except for the Great Pyramid where there are three chambers for burial.

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