Al-Arabiya to air documentary on Qatar’s power struggle and secret operations

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Al-Arabiya news channel will air a documentary about Qatar that consists of two parts entitled “Qatar’s history, a power struggle” and “the nest of secret operations.”

“Qatar’s history, a power struggle” will consist of three episodes which will be aired on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 16:00 GMT. The rerun is scheduled for 22:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT the next day.

It will address how former Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa seized power through a coup and how this did not come as a surprise as most of those who ruled before him seized power via the same approach.

Hamad’s ambition though went beyond Qatar and the Gulf and extended to the Arab world.

To achieve his dream, he established new and contradictory alliances, supported extremists and terrorists and attacked and undermined his neighbors.

Three episodes

The first episode will narrate the history of the family’s struggle over power and how Hamad employed this history to eliminate those who stood in his way.

The second episode will narrate the shocking story of how the son toppled his father and address the details of his scheme with his right hand, Hamad bin Jassim, to adopt a new troublesome regime.

The third episode will include detailed reports on Qatar’s troublesome policies and the opportunist alliance between Hamad bin Jassim and Hamad bin Khalifa and the regional Islamic wave. This alliance is what pushed Qatar’s neighbors to take a final and decisive stance.

The second part which will be aired on Wednesday at 16:00 GMT – and the rerun which will also be at 22:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT the next day – will shed light on Qatar’s nest of secret operations and discuss Qatar’s mysterious behavior while attempting to explain it.

This article is also available in Arabic.

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