Have you heard about the Sudanese Nostradamus who predicted the train, telephone

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The Sudanese believed in a wise man called Sheikh Farah Odtktok who lived in period between the 7th and 8th century AD, and predicted many of the modern inventions.

It was the era of the Sennarian State, considered by historians as the first Arab Islamic country in Sudan.

Sheikh Farah was bestowed title ‘Halal Almshbok’ owing to his wise ways of solving many of the difficult problems.

His wisdom was derived from the philosophy of life, and he spoke in a mixture of classical and slang, the language being used till today in the region.

Sheikh Farah bin Mohammed Issa was born around 1635 AD and died in 1732 AD, but due to the absence of documentation in his time his life turned into something like a myth over time.

Sheikh Farah is a similar to the French astrologer Nostradamus, who lived in the 6th century AD, about 100 years before.

Sheikh Farah’s famous prophecies were about the invention of trains and telephones, and the high cost of energy, where he said: “By the end of time, travelling will be through houses, talks will be through strings, to travel houses and speech in the strings (yarns) and coal will be more expensive than dates”.

The signals are clear here, including the fact that coal (fire / energy) will be more expensive than dates.

Scary prophecies

He also made some scary prophecies, which have not come true yet. Just mentioning these prophecies might scare some people, like what he said about al-Khartoum, the capital of the country.

Khartoum today is the largest city in the country with more than 10 million inhabitants. In his time it was nothing but a village.

As per his prediction, it would return to its old state: “Khartoum will be built up, and get separated brick by brick, and Omdurman will be built up and be burnt on one day”.

He also talked about building a dam on the river in the Sennar region and the establishment of an agricultural area in the center of the country, known as the “island project”, which was later built by the British at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Another famous saying of his was: “O Hambol, the unknown fear, they make birds afraid of you, and tomorrow, they will make minds fear you.”

Hambol means ‘The Straw man’ which scares away birds from the crops and plants,

Farah here means that there will come a time when Hambol will occupy the human minds and disrupt them, in reference to glorifying of people and the fear of imaginary idols. It is a wisdom that demonstrates the need to eliminate the culture of illusion and going back to the facts and reality.