Jordan to build logistics airport for Syria, Iraq reconstruction

Shehab Al-Makahleh
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Jordan has signed an agreement with a leading American company and a number of international firms to construct a logistics airport and a major logistics center in the province of Mafraq to be a springboard for reconstruction work for Syria and Iraq.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Ya’rub al-Qudah, said that the government has reached a deal to establish an airport for logistics services in Mafraq, 60 kilometers northeast of the capital Amman, close to the Jordanian-Syrian borders and on the international road connecting Jordan with Iraq.


“The government has developed a plan of action with the World Bank to make Jordan a major platform in partnership with the countries of the region towards reconstruction projects,” al-Qudah said.

The minister had previously announced that Jordan would take part in the reconstruction process of Syria once the country regains stability as a result of the recommendations of the 2016 London Conference of engaging Jordan in the process of rebuilding Syria.

Al Qudah has already called on the Jordanian private sector to be ready for the reconstruction process of Syria.

“The Jordanian private sector has to intensify their efforts and to work in a strategic manner in preparation of future opportunities due to the expected opening of the Syrian borders once war is over,” he said.

The minister also called on the Jordanian private sector to “start communicating with their counterpart in Syria” to grab the opportunities through meeting the Syrian standards and specifications.

Last September, Saroj Kumar Jah, World Bank’s regional director said that Jordan is among the countries that will play a role in the reconstruction of Syria and re-cover the economic and social losses caused by the war.

"We support Jordan in its quest to increase economic growth rates, which will create jobs for Jordanians,” Jah said.

The World Bank regional director pointed out that the war in Syria’s death toll was more than 400,000 people and forced more than half of the population to flee their homes in search of safety both inside and outside the country.

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 Syrians now live in extreme poverty because of the war, according to World Bank report. In the first four years after the outbreak of the conflict, some 538,000 jobs were lost, leaving more than 6.1 million people unemployed.

Further World Bank estimates show that 27% of all housing units were destroyed or partially damaged in the conflict while half of the total medical facilities were partially damaged leading to general deterioration in health conditions across the country and the resurgence of infectious diseases.

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