Story behind Qaradwi’s shifting position toward Saudi Arabia

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Saud al-Qahtani, Advisor of the Saudi Royal court and the General Supervisor of the Center for Studies and Information Affairs, disclosed on Monday the details of the video on which Qatari scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi, appeared on May 31, 2013, in a position quite different from his previous stand in support of Hezbollah.

Al-Qahtani, in a series of tweets, attributed the "dramatic change" in the Qaradawi’s views (and of Muslim Brotherhood), that the "the ruler of Qatar was strongly rebuked for al-Qaradawi's support to Hezbollah."

Then, Hamad bin Jassim, Qatar’s FM at that time, shared a video clip showing the change of Qaradawi's tone, principles and his support for Hezbollah."

In the video, al-Qaradawi appeared during a festival supporting Syrian people admitting that Saudi clerics were more mature and more intelligent in finding out the truth and discovering the reality of Hezbollah, and that for years he has been calling for a reconciliation between these groups, saying that they tricked him when they made him trust that they wanted to bring Muslims together.

For years he defended Hassan Nasrallah, and stood up against top clerics in Saudi Arabia, calling for their support, he said.

The Qatari scholar added then: "The sheikhs in Saudi Arabia were more mature than me and they knew their reality."

Al-Qahtani revealed that "the Qatari authority is trying desperately with the Muslim Brotherhood organization to twist obvious facts by creating a distinguished relationship between the rulers and the clerics as an alleged evidence of the world's lack of credibility, while the link between Qatar rulers and the (Egyptian Mohammed) Morsi with the so-called committees in their organization, is a sign of empowerment of Sharia and religion

He also said that the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia has always been a target of the Muslim Brotherhood. He said: "There is no doubt that the religious institution in Saudi Arabia has always been a target for the organization of Al-Hamdeen and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is the safety wall that was immune to normalization with Israel and made them retreat from their pursuit after they have come a long way as it played the role of a firewall against their disastrous waves of their Arab spring revolutions and dirty schemes. "