Who’s the Egyptian ISIS militant who issued fatwa to kill Sinai worshipers?

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On December 7, 2016, Al-Naba'a, an Arabic-language journal belonging ISIS terrorist organization, published an interview with a leader calling him Amir al-Hesba in Sinai.

Rumeya, another magazine also issued by the organization, published an interview with ISIS militant who threatened to target Sufi Zawiyas (corners) and mosques in Egypt.


The leader of ISIS, who was also known as Abi Musab al-Masri, identified 3 Mosques of Sufism and threatened to target them.

This is in reference to Al-Rawdah Mosque in Sinai, which witnessed the massacre last Friday, killing 305 worshipers, the Arab Zawiya in Ismailia and the Saoud Zawiya in Sharqeya and Ahmadiyya Zawiya in Sinai.

ISIS organization in Sinai shared many photos of this leader. Sources told Al Arabiya that the photos confirm he is Mohammed Magdi al-Dula’ei, a young Egyptian man the Muslim Brotherhood group claim disappeared since 2015.

Information about this young man may be the beginning of the thread to reach the perpetrators of the massacre.

Investigations revealed that his full name is Mohammed Majdi al-Dula’ei, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group, and that he was born in Riyadh.

Maher Farghali, a researcher in the affairs of Islamic movements, confirmed to Al-Arabiya that al-Dula’ei was studying at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and disappeared since January 2015.

He appeared again in March 2017 inside Sinai, specifically in the village of Rumaneh, in Be’r Al-Abd, and that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood group.

In a visual transmission called "Nour al-Sharia," by ISIS organization airing in March, the al-Dula’ei threatened the Sufis and their leaders and gave them a period of time to repent considering them infidels, because they follow their sheikhs, obey them blindly, and take blessings in the shrines.

He specifically threatened followers of Ahmadeya Seynaweya and Al-Jareeria sects.

Capturing al-Dula’ei will lead to the perpetrators of the massacre, and may uncover many other surprises hidden in the details.


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