What are the nine key demands of Iranian protesters?

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As protests across Iran look to surpass the one-week mark, demonstrators in at least 70 cities have begun formulating their demands as posters and list of their wishes began to spread both on the ground and on social media.

This follows seven days of constant protests in major cities that have left 21 people dead and as Iran's Revolutionary Guards have deployed forces to three provinces to put down an eruption of anti-government unrest, their commander said on Wednesday.

While the slogan of “bread, freedom and work” remains the overall theme of protests, one list appeared to showed nine specific demands:

1) A referendum on founding the future regime, as most of the demonstrators called for a republican system similar to the developed countries and the overthrowing of the rule of of the Faqih.

2) Undermining the ideology of the Faqih regime and the liberation of Iranian society from the illusion of leadership of the Shiite world and its incursion into the Islamic world and eliminate the slogan of exporting the revolution.

3) Abolishing the forced veil and endorsing the principle of women's free choice of appearance and clothing.

4) Freedom of the media, including free access to information, the Internet, social networks and the abolition of censorship.

5) Separating religion from politics and removing religious institutions and estates from politics and handing the administration of state affairs over to a government of technocrats.

6) An independent, just and impartial judiciary that is not subjected to any authority, power or political current.

7) Equal distribution of wealth and development plans to eradicate poverty, unemployment and deprivation.

8) Free, fair and transparent elections under international supervision.

9) Equality between women and men and the rejecting all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse against women in all fields.

iran protests demands
iran protests demands
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