Houthi militias suspend schools in Sanaa for one month

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Houthi militias have suspended the educational system in Sanaa to conduct sectarian education campaigns for students for one month.

The sectarian mobilization and education campaigns carried out by the Houthis have systematically continued to reach all students. Schools in Sanaa have been suspended and sectarian education and mobilization activities along with the extremist Houthi militias’ ideology aims to target young students.

The Ministry of Education in the government of the unrecognized Houthi militia has suspended the educational system in the capital Sana'a for a whole month and replaced the classes with propaganda activities for the militias under the pretext of celebrating its rebellion against the Yemeni Government in 2004.

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The Education Office in Sanaa issued a circular to school principals requiring them to suspend the educational system and to establish cultural and media activities to spread the sectarian ideology among school students and to document the events and present a comprehensive report, accompanied by photos and videos.

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According to the circular, Houthi militias called on government and private schools to devote the study time until the end of February to set up activities on a daily basis in order to spread the group's orientation and mobilize school students to join them on the battlefields and to raise sympathy to the group in light of growing popular discontent against them.

According to sources, the Houthi militias organized earlier secret education courses for the principals of Sanaa schools and other governorates during the past weeks, in which they gave lectures and held sectarian seminars, and promoted the ideas and lectures of the founder of the rebel movement Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi and the Khomeini extremist ideology.

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