King Salman: Diversity of cultures is a demand for coexistence

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Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz said that diversity is a demand for coexistence in a speech delivered at al-Yamamah palace on Sunday on the occasion of al-Janadriyah 32 National Heritage and Culture festival.

King Salman welcomed the festival guests in his speech and expressed the Kingdom's desire to promote interaction between different cultures and achieve coexistence and tolerance amongst peoples.

“We are aware of the importance of cultures as a backbone in shaping the identity and values of nations,” the King said.

The King emphasized the importance of the common humanitarian dimension in every culture.

“The cultural dimension has become the main factor in the relations between States and peoples, it is important to strengthen it for the international peace and security,” he said.

Scholars and representatives

The King also welcomed India's scholars and representatives as the guests of honour in this years festival.

President of the Council of Pakistani Scholars Dr. Hafez Mohammad Taher Al-Ashrafi expressed his thanks to the Saudi King and the Crown Prince for their hospitality

“What we have found in this festival represents a great history for this country, it sends a message to the people’s calls for mercy, forgiveness and moderation, which is a legitimate demand encouraged by our religion,” Dr Ashrafi said.

“Your highness has been honored to serve the most sacred areas of the earth; which are the two holly mosques, the Islamic world witnesses how you are doing your best to serve the two holy mosques and their visitors,” he added.

Dr Ashrafi stressed the appreciation of the festival guests and participants towards King Salman’s contribution of to Islamic nations, international peace and security and his efforts to serve the culture and heritage through the festival.

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