Houthi militant appears next to his grave days after his burial

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Yemeni activists shared pictures of one of the Houthi fighters sitting near his grave.

The man is allegedly dead and buried by the Houthi militia in the province of Dhamar close to the center of Yemen.

Muhammad Hussein Saleh, a Houthi militant is seen consuming "khat" plant, and taking photos next to a grave that bears his image.

The Houthi militia announced his death and supposedly buried his dead body at a cemetery in Dhamar.

According to local sources, the “dead” Houthi fighter fled Taiz Front and split from the Houthis.

The Houthi militia received successive losses and dozens of fighters fled. Those who managed to escape from the battle fronts and the Houthis were unable to arrest or prevent their escape, are usually assumed dead.

The militia then proclaim them dead and arrange the funeral and burial proceedings in their hometowns.

Mohammed Hussein Saleh’s appearance next to his grave, is an act of defiance to the Houthi militia, who announced his death as a clear declaration of his defection.

حوثي يظهر جوار قبره في ذمار
حوثي يظهر جوار قبره في ذمار

The sources stressed that the militia always refuses to allow the families of the fighters to identify their bodies before the burial, without explaining the reasons.

Then they ask them to pray and bury the coffin, and just tell them that it’s the body of their family member.

This is not the first case in which a fighter appears after fleeing battles and is proclaimed dead, many similar cases have happened before.

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