Botox for camels: Saudi breeders fined over $100,000 under new law

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Big lips, long necks and prominent humps are the greatest attributes of a beautiful camel showcased at Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty pageant.

The camels compete for a whopping prize money of $57 million. These luring sums have pushed some camel breeders to inject the desert animals with Botox.

“When it comes to rare beauty, not everyone will have the financial means to participate in the auction and compete. People pay large sums of money up to 6-7 million, and more without exaggeration. However, it all depends on the rare beauty. The rarer, the more expensive.”, Says head of panel of judges, Fawzan Al-Madi.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have imposed fines up to $109,000 against owners enhancing their camels’ features with Botox.

“The camel is considered an old symbol of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a source of pride for the sons of the peninsula. In the past, it represented food, clothing and transportation. It represented everything.”, adds Al-Madi.

Saudi Arabia recognizes that such procedures violate animal rights and compromises with the camels’ identities.

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