WATCH: Saudi girl from Indonesian mother looks for deceased father’s family

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A video of a little girl and her Indonesian mother who claims that the girl’s father is Saudi gained widespread attention on social media.

In the video, shot by a Saudi man in Kota Bunga in the Puncak mountain pass, the mother Mona said that the girl’s father died nine years ago in a car accident in Indonesia.

Mona added that she had been with the Saudi man, Sultan al-Harbi, since she was 18 years old, and he was 23 years old. She said they were in a customary marriage for four years, which means that neither were given any legal rights.

Her daughter Haifa is almost 11 years old, and they both know nothing about al-Harbi’s family in Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Ali al-Ghamedi, who has been following the case since he came across the girl and noticed her Saudi features, told Al Arabiya that he met the mother and daughter after coming across their picture on the Saudi embassy in Indonesia’s official Twitter page.

Al-Ghamedi said Mona told him that she did not have any documents proving her marriage to al-Harbi.

She also said that she met al-Harbi while he was in Indonesia on holiday. Al-Ghamedi added that the mother did not ask for anything, and that her daughter is currently in fifth grade at an Indonesian school.

“The girl is learning Quran and her mother works in a dry-cleaning shop to make a living and provide for her daughter,” he said.

“After he died, Mona got the number of one of his family members from his mobile phone and called them, after which they came and transferred his body back to Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Al-Ghamedi said that the Mona is worried that she will lose her daughter, however she wants her to get to know her family.

The Saudi ambassador to Indonesia responded to the video saying that they are following the case and are working to help the girl, after they make sure that she is indeed half Saudi by doing a DNA test.

“A representative from the embassy has been sent to the mother of the girl to find out all the details and act in accordance with the law to ensure their rights and link them with her family in Saudi Arabia,” Ambassador Osama al-Shoaibi told Al Arabiya.

He added that the embassy has a specialized program that is actively helping more than 70 cases similar to the case of Haifa.

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