Why are late night bells ringing for top diplomats of India and Pakistan

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Aside from the diplomatic spat surrounding Britain and Russia or the war of words between Trump administration and North Korea, a new row has been emerging between diplomats in India and Pakistan - over ringing of bells late at night.

Call it pro quid quo, but in a series of events reported on both sides of the border, door bells of top diplomats have been ringing in the dead of night apparently to cause harassment.

In recent weeks, governments of both countries have accused each other of harassment.

According to an Indian Express report, the incidents of harassment and intimidation started the day some positive diplomatic efforts came to a fruition on March 7.

The Pakistan High Commissioner’s comments came a day when two more incidents of harassment were reported against their diplomats in Delhi, taking the number of incidents of harassment and intimidation up to at least 26 in the last eight days.

Out of these 26 incidents in Delhi, two were against school-going children of diplomats, sources said.

According to another report, India's Ministry of External Affairs spokesman said that the authorities were looking into the Pakistani complaints, but also noted that Indian complaints had gone unresolved for months.

“We are looking into issues raised by their side,” he said. “At the same time our High Commission has also been facing a litany of issues, which have not been resolved for the last eight months. We have asked for immediate resolution of issues so the safety of our diplomatic mission is assured.”