African Horn Org. chief: Qatar using extremist group to sabotage Eritrea

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A top Eritrean diplomat has told Al Arabiya English that the statement of the Eritrean Foreign Ministry on the Qatari threat to Asmara came after “patiently waiting for a period of time for the Qatari brothers who have been trying in recent years to add Eritrea to the list of candidate countries for sabotage.”

In statements given to Al Arabiya English, Abdul Kadir Bekri Hamdan, president of the African Horn Organisation and the representative of Eretria to international organizations in the Austrian capital Vienna, added that Qatar’s attempts to destabilize his country have been ongoing for a while.

“It is no different from its ready-made recipe to other countries that have been revealed, starting with polarizing people and then opening the door to them in their media in Qatar and abroad," Hamdan said.

He pointed out that it was interesting that during the late months of last year, there was a focus on some Eritrean figures who are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood organization and who are known for their criticism of Asmara and its policies and also their close relations with Doha-based hardline cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

He said that the campaign intensified against the backdrop of a government decision to close a school suspected of encouraging extremist ideology. “Now it seems that Doha has decided to go to the second stage of its plan by making false reports through its media to find an excuse to justify the formation of an anti-Eritrean group led by the same people who have clear and established relations with Qatar and al-Qaradawi.”

The Eritrean government released a statement accusing Qatar of sending Sudan three fighter planes to thwart a purported attack from Eritrea, and of secretly funding an Eritrean Islamist opposition office in an isolated area in Sudan.

In the statement, the Eritrean government said that Qatar is funding supporters of the radical Islamist cleric, Mohammed Jumma, who opened an office in an unknown area in Sudan.

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