Iranian general threatens all Israel air bases ‘within reach’

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vice commander has warned Israel that its airbases are “within reach” and Iran’s “hands are on the trigger and missiles are ready”.

The exchange of fiery statements between Iran and Israel took place on Friday as a continuation of the escalation, which started after the Israeli air force targeted the Syrian T-4 airbase two weeks ago, killing at least four Iranians. While Iranian agencies confirmed the killing of seven Iranians of the Revolutionary Guards.

Hossein Salami said that Israel is living in the “mouth of the dragon” and Israelis would have nowhere to go “except the sea”, in case a war erupted.

Salami’s threat, came as part of the Friday’s prayer speech and he hinted that two fronts would be opened through a missile and land war from northern and western Israel, indicating northern Lebanon and Gaza.

“We say to the Israeli; we seriously know you. You are surrounded from all sides in the occupied Palestine, North and West, you have nowhere to go… Do not think that the coming war would be like the July 2006 war… (Referring to the July war in Lebanon in 2006) you will have no way to runaway except the sea,” Salami is quoted as saying.

Israel responds: “Do not test us”

On the other hand, the Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded: “Do not test us. We are not ready for the Northern front, but for several fronts altogether. He added: “In case any side started a war with us, it would have its blood on its own head.” “I suggest, for those who threatens us from the North to think thoroughly about what they are doing. It is not in their interest to try having a war with the Israeli army.”

Lieberman tweeted that Israeli army is getting ready for all the scenarios. He called for those who are on the Northern borders to think carefully about what they are doing, indicating Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Iran saying that the Israelis would fight those who tried to harm them.

During a celebration of the 70th year of Israeli existence, Netanyahu threatened Iran, saying that: “Regarding the Iranian threats, we confirm that our soldiers and different security forces are ready for all developments. We will fight those who try to harm us and would not be deterred by the price we are going to pay.”

Netanyahu’s statements came amid escalations of tensions between Israel and Iran because of an Israeli air strike against Syria two weeks ago. Israel did not confirm or deny the bombing of the T-4 airbase in Syria, but Iran threatened to retaliate.