Italy conference on Africa and tailoring security to ‘real needs and threats’

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The Rome-based NATO Defense College Foundation is hosting a conference focused on security in Africa and redefining peace support operations in order to maximize the impact on conflict containment and resolution.

The first session will highlight on the existing threats versus regional and international initiatives which will see the following:

- Simon K. Nyambura, Ph.D, Director, IGAD Center of Excellence for Preventing and
Countering Violence Extremism, Djibouti.

- Johan Kruger, Head of Transnational Organized Crime, Illicit Trafficking and Terrorism,
Eastern Africa United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Nairobi.

- Jihane Ben Yahia, Coordinator Regional organised crime observatory – North Africa, Enhancing Africa's response to transnational organised crime, Tunis.

Other sessions during the day will highlight issues of moving towards an African-led crisis management and the twin challenge of effective government and regional co-operations.

A special session will see Mauritania’s Minister of Defense Mamadou Diallo Bathia speak at the event.