Ahead of first official drive next month, Saudi women choose favorite car colors

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Saudi women are selecting the colors of their new cars, as they prepare to officially drive on streets next month.

The criteria they have set to select the type of car they want differed from one woman driver to another. For many, selecting a car not only depended on its important features and the driver’s transport needs, but also considered what suits her lifestyle, and is easy to drive.

Besides the car’s shape and model, Saudi women are opting for climate friendly cars; ones with less repair issues, and mostly, they prefer new cars over used ones.

Sara al-Otaibi said she prefers her car “to carry a light color” and has chosen “a large silver van”, popular for family needs. Otaibi was keen on selecting a car that is "shaded" from the back, in addition to one with movable back seats, to put cushions and car seats for children.

Shereen Bawazeer also opted for light-colored cars, while Fatma Al-Tysan said she is more likely to drive a black car, favoring colors associated with luxury vehicles.

Amani al-Sulaimi said she prefers the black color too. With regard to the car’s model, she said the choices depend on affordability. In her case, she’s looking into BMWs, Mercedes, a Maybach or a Bentley.

Meanwhile, Khloud al-Harithi prefers orange or cyan colored cars. While Najat al-Majid said she likes eye-catching colors that also reflect femininity, such as pink and purple.

Lubna Mohammad said she was planning to buy a fuchsia-colored car but remembered that her friend in Egypt once told her that she wouldn’t go for such colors to avoid calling the attention of male drivers around her.

Aziza al-Shehri said she thinks changing a car every two years is a necessity. She also finds saloon cars, JMC and van SUVs among her best choices, given their spacious interiors and luxurious look. Shades of brown with gold are her favorite, al-Shehri added.

On the other hand, a bank employee told Al Arabiya that many of their woman customers are opting for auto loans to buy cars so they would drive to work.

The employee said many of the cars being selected are 2018 models, and some buyers aren’t fazed by the price, if they like the brand. She also said women buyers are keen on registering the cars under their names, to ensure their ownership of the vehicles.

Car sales representative, Saad al-Shahrani, said Saudi women prefer luxurious car brands that are both comfortable and great to drive. He said the prices of such cars, which many women are opting for, range between 90,000 to 125,000 Saudi riyals.

While they focus on quality, the second thing the female drivers care about is the car’s appearance, he added. Most of them choose lighter colors, while some prefer darker ones, noting that most buyers are working women.

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