Houthi prisoner confesses: We received cultural courses, including Iranian films

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Television Channel Yemen Today broadcasted a videotape of the confessions of a captured Houthi militia commander, in which he said that militants had received military courses for less than a week as well as cultural courses which included Iranian films.

The Houthi commanders was captured by military formations, led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, on the west coast front.

The channel said that the Houthi militiant, identified as Abdullah Jarmuzi, confessed that the militias “instilled the sectarian Iranian ideology in the minds of the deluded through cultural courses,” expressing his discontent on how the militia pushed its elements to death without thinking about them.

Jarmuzi was a social supervisor in the northern area of Madhbah and the Shemlan area in Sanaa.

In his confessions, Jarmuzi spoke of his beginnings with the Houthis where militias recruit and mobilize young people to take part in demonstrations through the then-social relations chief Abbas al-Lassani. Following the 2014 events, Jarmuzi was appointed a social supervisor after receiving the recommendation of Lassani.

Jarmuzi explained that the military and cultural courses they had received from the militia leaders placed their lives in imminent danger. The militias gave them “ancient military courses that did not qualify them to fight,” while the cultural courses called for jihad and obedience to the leader of the group and cultivated the Iranian ideology noting that the militia uses Iranian films in its cultural courses.

In the video recording, Jarmuzi also spoke of the deteriorating economic situation which the country is going through as the result of corrupt Houthi officials and their looting of state funds, expressing his dissatisfaction with the poor living conditions of the citizens and the extravagant wealth of Houthi supervisors in Saada.

He noted the militias' disregard for the blood of the deluded, which it drive to their deaths not caring about what happens to them even if they know that they are not apt to fight. He praised the ethos of the National Resistance Forces, who have not harmed him since he surrendered himself to the guards of the republic, admitting his wrongdoing in the West Coast Front, calling on the deluded in the ranks of the militia to review themselves, not engage in bloodshed and choose peace.