Israel reveals secret: Used world’s first F-35 for strike on Iran in Syria

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The F-35 stealth fighter was unveiled to the world when Israel used them to carry out an operational attack against Iranian targets in Syria.

The F-35 is a fifth generation combat aircraft and is designed to carry out ground attacks and air superiority missions. Despite critiques pointed out design flaws the project continued and was the most expensive military weapons system in history. By 2014 it was already $163 billion over budget.

“The F-35 squadron has become an operational squadron. We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East,” Israel Air Force Commander Major General Amikam Norkin was quoted by Haaretz while speaking at a three-day conference organized by the IAF in Herzliya.

The commander also added that Iran had fired 32 rockets targeted at Israel during the incident that took place between the two countries earlier this month. Four of the rockets were intercepted by the Israelis while the remaining landed outside Israel territories.

Israel retaliated by attacking 20 Iranian targets in Syria. It is possible to assume that actions have been taken since the recent events,” Major General Norkin explained.

“We are continuing to maintain our freedom of action in the region. We are acting to disrupt and prevent [possible attacks] while keeping the situation below the threshold of war,” he said. After the acquisition of F-35 Stealth Fighter, Israel’s air defense system has reached a staggering 85 percent success rate.

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