IN PICTURES: Houthi use of mines in Yemen exposes criminal intransigence

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The engineering teams of the Yemeni army and the Arab alliance remove hundreds of mines, which the Houthis planted in the sea and on land in the west coast, every day.

There are no accurate statistics about the number of mines extracted and the number of those killed and injured by them but footage posted by the Yemeni forces showed massive amounts of mines, some of which are manufactured by Iran, and explosives. They were seized after deterring militias from areas in the west coast.

A member of the engineering teams said the militias have planted mines everywhere, adding that they’re working to remove hundreds of thousands of mines planted in the west coast.

He noted that the Houthis planted the largest number of mines in the west coast areas, adding that they randomly distributed them between houses, public facilities and roads.

A recent report by the Washington Institute noted that the bottom mines which the Arab coalition seized near the port of Mokha “strongly resemble an Iranian model—displayed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in 2015 as a 42 kg composite-aluminum limpet mine.”

Hodeida Governor al-Hassan al-Taher said the Houthis’ mines in territorial and regional waters are tantamount to a “crime against humanity” as they threaten fishermen and commercial ships in the Red Sea, adding that it will be extremely dangerous “if waves wash these mines towards ships in the international shipping corridor.”

These mines have killed hundreds of civilians and damaged public and private property. According to unofficial estimates, 3,000 civilians, mostly women and children, have fallen victims to these mines. This is in addition to the threats they pose on international navigation in the Red Sea.

Between 2015 and 2016, the Yemeni army removed more than 300,000 mines which the Houthis planted, according to statistics by the National Mine Action Committee.

According to Brigadier General Amin al-Ogaili, Yemen is where the largest number of mines has been planted since the end of WWII. He estimates that more than half a million of mines were planted by the Houthis.