Watch: A financial consultant carries drunken teenager before raping her

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A married financial consultant who dragged a teenager into an alley and repeatedly raped her after she was thrown out of a London club for being too drunk, has been jailed for eight years.

Sanjay Naker, 28, who worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers as financial consultant, saw the drunk teenager outside a London club when he approached her pretending to help her, then hoisted the 18-year-old girl over his shoulders and took her to an alley where he raped her and left her on the pavement unconscious on March 11 last year.

CCTV footage showed the victim, who was so intoxicated she could barely stand, trying to fight Naker off. But she passed out as he forced himself on her during a 30-minute attack.

Naker of Wood Green, North London, who is married, denied any wrongdoing.

Naker told police the sex was consensual and said the teenager had not appeared drunk.

But CCTV footage was enough proof of his crime.

A passer-by found Naker at 4.45am standing over his victim before living her and taking a cab to the home he shares with his wife and mother.

The trial saw footage of the teenage victim staggering about and falling in a gutter after being denied re-entry to the club.

The footage shows the victim slumped over Naker’s back, then falling to the ground. She then appears to try to get away before he drags her by the arms out of view.

After the rape, the prosecutor said: “He quickly got off the ground and fastened his trousers then took a minicab to the home he shares with his wife.”

Later on police searched his house and laptop, they found that after his crime he searched online for a definition of the word “rape” but said it reassured him he had done nothing wrong.