Man sentenced to death for US double murder branded Saddam Hussein lookalike

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Ali Irsan, a Jordanian Saddam Hussein doppelganger living in Texas, was sentenced to death earlier this month for a pair of killings that were part of an extensive plot to kill five people including his daughter.

His daughter’s “crime” was that she left her home, converted to Christianity, and married a Christian.


Irsan, 60, committed the double murder in 2012, when he killed his American son-in-law Coty Beavers who was 28 then and his daughter's best friend who was 30 then.

Beavers was Christian and Irsan’s daughter Nisrin had converted from Islam to Christianity for him, according to Huston Chronicle newspaper which describes Irsan as a “conservative Muslim” who was hesitant about moving to the US because of his hatred towards Christians.

He also killed his daughter’s best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh who was an Iranian women's rights activist and medical researcher for supporting Nisrin’s marriage.

Nisrin with her husband (right), Nisrin's best friend (Left)
Nisrin with her husband (right), Nisrin's best friend (Left)

When Nisrin was called to speak in the hearing, she said that he prevented her from dating any Christian, and that she had a court precautionary order that prevents her father or any family member from harassing her after she moved in with her “future husband” before they get married.

The father admitted to breaking the court order and continuously calling her with threats because “she was using drugs and living with bad friends,” he said.

In addition to Irsan’s similar looks to Saddam Hussein, a video of the last hearing where he was convicted appears to be somehow similar to Saddam’s hearings in the end of 2003 which lead to the former Iraqi leader's death sentence.

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