WATCH: Saudi women dune bashing in the desert

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On the sand dunes of the eastern Saudi desert, Saudi women begin a Safari adventure in their four-wheel drive cars.

The women practice every week, with distances exceeding 45 kms that should be driven during a certain amount of time while keeping an eye on speed and the GPS.

These Saudi women seem to be determined on the journey as they bear with the heat of the sun and the sand.

30 dune bashing lovers

Away from paved roads, the young Saudi women deal with bumpy sand dunes with exceptional experience. 30 Saudi young women decided to join the training on dune bashing, along with 50 young men.

This happened after a group of adventurers announced their welcoming of female joiners who love Safari trips and would like to learn the special skills required for driving in such places.

Al Arabiya went on an adventurous trip with the Jeep group, in a desert extremely rugged.

Budour al-Shadawi was one of the first young women to get the training on driving up and down on the desert’s sand dunes. She says: “I have great passion and love to this adventurous sport, I channel my energy into it.”

She adds: “My love for adventures started in 2012, when I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa.”

After enjoying mountain climbing, Budour wanted to experience something unique that allows her to discover Saudi Arabia. That was what made her take classes in desert driving, emergency car fixes, and dealing with Jeep cars.