Saudi women passport officers: We have a sense of great responsibility

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Over 229 Saudi women have joined the kingdom’s General Directorate of Passports’ first round of training for newly recruited women in the governmental field.

A number of those women told Al Arabiya English that their work in the field has resulted in feelings of responsibility and appreciation towards workers in the sector.

Trainee Saja al-Qahtani said that she chose this line of work because she wanted a secure job, which any employee aims to have, in addition to her desire to serve the community, adding that she learnt a lot from the training program.

“The trainee must have the mannerisms to know how to deal with the public, including patience, honesty, ethics of dialogue, communication and listening, and understanding the idea and service of the public,” Qahtani said.

Sharing Saja’s goals, Wadha, who is in the training program as well, said: “I was hesitant about getting into this field of work, but with the training and understanding the relevant information, my hesitation turned into feelings of responsibility.”

Another trainee also said she learned a lotm including “checking passports and other documents, unveiling any fraud, and the basics of dealing with people on a professional level, which develops with time and experience.”

The trainees’ supervisor, Rasha al-Faryan, confirmed the positive feedback from the trainees, adding that there were no cases of withdrawal from the program.

Faryan said that the trainees will be hired once they complete the program, if they all meet the job requirements and excel in the training.

The program took place in nine regions in Saudi Arabia, including Mecca and Riyadh, with the round lasting two weeks.

This comes in light of Prince Mohamed bin Salman’s Vision 2030, which aims to enhance women’s roles in society.