Another Syrian refugee falls victim to crime in Turkey

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Some Turkish cities, especially those on the Syrian border, are no longer safe for the thousands of Syrian refugees coming into the country.

In cases of reported kidnapping of Syrian children and girls, as well as problems between refugees and Turkish citizens, the Turkish authorities have often paid little attention to solving the crimes.

Their justification for their lack of interest is the “large number of Syrians in Turkey” that has made it difficult for them to keep up with the incidents.

On Friday, another Syrian refugee fell victim to a crime in Turkey.

Ghina Abu Saleh, 19, who came from Aleppo was stabbed to death by two young men in an attempted theft, according to reports on social media accounts of Turkish news agencies. A Syrian child tried to defend Abu Saleh when she was attacked, but ended up with injuries that left him hospitalized.

Despite the Turkish police’s announcement that they will be investigating the killing, no new information about her death was released.

Abu Saleh’s father called for an investigation to disclose the circumstances of his daughter’s death on social media, but then later deleted the post without any clear reasons.

Turkish news agencies said, “The two suspects were driving a motorbike, when they stopped and walked towards the young woman and asked to use her mobile phone, but she refused.” The suspects then proceeded to stab Abu Saleh.

After her death, many Turkish citizens took to social media to demand that her killers be found and held accountable. Abu Saleh was a student at the Gaziantep University in Turkey.

Crimes affecting Syrian refugees are a common occurrence in Turkey, especially in the absence of serious investigations and a lack of media coverage.

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