Houthis indulge in widespread cultural vandalism of Yemen’s most historic sites

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It seems that Houthis in Yemen are following in the footsteps of ISIS when it comes to destroying historical artifacts and important archaeological sites.

Recently, a Yemeni human rights organization revealed a collection of testimonies from archeologists who said the Houthis were responsible for the damage and destruction caused to multiple culturally significant sites.

Houthis themselves have also claimed responsibility for deliberately targeting Yemen’s historical sites and often converting them into military barracks.

Misusing archaeological sites

According to Mwatna, a human rights organization, the most damage inflicted on the archaeological sites in Yemen have been at the hands of Houthis who have turned these areas into military quarters for their weapons.

The organization called on international communities to help preserve Yemen’s historical and cultural sites.

In what can only be considered as cultural vandalism, the organization reported that archaeological sites in nine governorates including Sanaa, Aden and Marib were destroyed.

Along with significant monuments, old cities, mosques, tombs, and museums were also destroyed.