Ten Iranian political factions form coalition aiming to ‘overthrow regime’

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Iranian parties and political forces have reportedly agreed to ally together to set plans and political preparations in motion that aims at “overthrowing the regime in Tehran”, according to sources familiar with the groups.

Al Arabiya English received a copy of the statement which stated: “Political parties and forces started a ‘joint activity’ to ‘form a broader coalition’ despite their clear ideological differences”.

According to the statement the forces and parties which agreed to align are the following:

“The Azerbaijan Democratic Alliance, the Democratic and secular republic advocates movement, the Ahwazi Democratic Solidarity Party, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Baluchistan People’s Party, the organization of Iranian People's Fedai, the Provisional Council of the Socialist Left, the Kurdish rebels movement (Komola)”.

The statement signed by these movements explained that they all aim to achieve “a democratic regime by establishing a republic regime based on separating the religion from the State. Admitting the national identities and the democratic rights for the religious and national minorities. Establish a federal regime, separating the religion from the State, support the basic freedoms; on top of which freedom of religion and opinion. Provide political freedoms, the democratic and civil rights of the people. Ensure equality between citizens, commit to guarantee the rights and the freedoms states in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Abolish the death penalty, equality between men and women and the nationalities rights. Provide equal opportunities for all Iranians in terms of housing, health services, education, etc., accept the people’s sovereignty concept, maintain world peace, oppose fundamentalism, and fight violence and terrorism”.

In the signed statement of the political forces that it does not expect that the Islamic Republic regime would witness real and influential reforms; meaning that none of the demands of these forces can be achieved under the dominance of this group which is controlling the regime inside Iran. Thus, the solution from the point of view of these forces is to “overthrow the Islamic republic regime, and the dissolution of all its institutions to establish a democratic regime in Iran” according to what was mentioned in the statement.

The experience of the political forces during the past decades indicates that “without cooperation, it would not be possible to influence the situation in Iran.” the statement pointed out.

The parties signed on this statement belong to different Iranian peoples and nationalities, like “the Ahwazi Democratic Solidarity Party” that represent the Arab Ahwaz, Balochistan, Kurdish and Azerbaijani parties.

For the first time the coalition includes total Persian parties and forces, like the Organization of Iranian People’s Fedai, in addition to the Provisional Council of the Socialist Left in Iran and the Democratic and secular republic advocates movement in Iran.