Amid rift in relations, American women fly to Pakistan to marry online lovers

Kaswar Klasra
Kaswar Klasra
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It was love at first “like” when American Maria Angelo and Pakistani Mohsin Ali got connected on Instagram in January this year, they clicked immediately. They quickly fell in love while dating long-distance.

The duo finally met face-to-face for the first-time last week on Thursday as Maria, 21, travelled to Pakistani city of Lahore, to tie the knot with her boyfriend Mohsin Ali, 23, a student of Bachelor of commerce in a local university.

It all started last January when they met online. Both claim they fell in love at first “like” but still took time to decide either to get marry or remain friends forever. A few months later, Mohsin finally proposed to Maria who agreed at once and later on travelled to Lahore alone to tie the knot with Mohsin.

Amid clapping and dancing, the lovebirds tied the knot in a simple but dignified ceremony held in a local hotel in Lahore on Monday, November 19, 2018. While no body from the bride’s side attended the marriage ceremony, the groom’s family, friends and relative attended the function to grace the occasion.

Maria embraced Islam before getting married to Mohsin.

“I feel on top of the world after getting married with a man of my choice. It was a dream which came true. I’m so glad to have him (Mohsin),” Maria told journalists after the marriage ceremony ended.

Otherwise a shy youngster, Mohsin openly spoke about his love story and said it was like a dream.

“I’m honoured that she embraced Islam only to get to marry to me. It is indeed a pleasure to marry a girl of my choice. We both are happy and thankful to Allah Almighty,” Mohsin said.

Maria is planning to fly back to the United States with her husband within a couple of months. Their marriage has become an internet sensation in Pakistan with people praising the American girl who travelled to Pakistan despite US State Department’s warning to reconsider travel to Pakistan.

“Best of luck to both of you. Take care of your bride; she is a daughter of Pakistan now,” Muhammad Habib, a social worker commented on social networking website.

Sadly, Pakistan continue to remain in President Trump’s “bad book” and most of the Americans avoid travelling to this Islamic county of 220 million population. US State depart Department issued an advisory in August this year advising its citizens to reconsider visiting Pakistan due to terrorism.

However, American girls didn’t care much about the US State Department’s advisory or warnings. Rather, they are finding their soul mate in Pakistan. For US girls, Pakistani men are becoming favourite when it comes to marriage.

According to local media reports, earlier this month an American woman arrived in Sialkot, a well-established city of Pakistani Punjab, to meet her 21-year-old boyfriend whom she met on a social-Networking website. Helena, 41, had fallen in love with Kashif, 21, on the social media and decided to tie the knot with the young man. Helena embraced Islam before beginning her marital life.

A veterinary doctor by profession, Helena is also a drummer and sings both in English and Punjabi.

“I’m grateful to God to marry a man of my choice. I will try to be an ideal wife,” Helena told reporters at her marriage ceremony which was held last week in a local hotel in Sialkot.

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