Face to face with ISIS: The women of ISIS – Episode 3

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Women in ISIS can be more zealous and aggressive than their male counterparts – a far cry from the stereotypical ISIS-bride victim often presented in the media.

During a five-episode series, Al Arabiya’s Rola al-Khatib met with ISIS fighters, women, and children, yet she says that her time with the women was the most violent, physically and psychologically.

Al Arabiya’s exclusive series “Face to Face with ISIS” interviewed women in the camp of al-Hol in northern Syria, which is run by Civilian Administration of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Covered in black and standing behind a fence, the women spoke to Al Arabiya about their ideology, which the Civilian Administration says they still follow.

One of them said: “The creed that is planted here won’t be removed by anyone. Not Trump, nor America, nor the Jews, nor the infidels … no one.”

She added: “This creed is also planted in our children.”

The ISIS women stoned the filming team after the interviews had been conducted, causing them to leave the camp earlier than they had planned.

Among them, there are Yazidi women, previous ISIS sex slaves, who are afraid to identify themselves to the forces for fear of repercussions from the ISIS women, according to the SDF.

The SDF also said that the ISIS women had previously burned down the tent of one of them for removing her face cover.

The three camps in the area host almost 13,000 foreign ISIS women and children. Other parts of the same camps host Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians.

Previous episodes of “Face to Face with ISIS” included interviews with former ISIS fighters who were captured or surrendered near al-Baghouz, as well as the plight of former ISIS child soldiers and their experiences under the terrorist group’s rule.

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