Face to Face with ISIS: The land of ISIS – Episode 5

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Former ISIS fighter Abu Saraya al-Holandi, the husband of Shamima Begum, told Al Arabiya’s Rola al-Khatib that he was imprisoned by the group for accusations of being a Dutch spy, in an interview that was conducted in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The hierarchy of ISIS changed over time, according to Abu Saraya, ending with a corrupt Iraqi rule for the group.

About the last days in Baghouz, Abu Saraya said that “life was hell,” and revealed that two of his children died of starvation and that he came to know about the death of his third child during an interview.

The land of ISIS

The Kurdish fighters who were battling ISIS in Syria are considered by the United States to be its most reliable partners there. But to Turkey, a NATO ally of the United States, these Kurds are terrorists.

Hence why an America-Turkish road map that separates forces in northern Syria is the equivalent of a ceasefire understanding.

The city of Manbij and its surrounding towns are where all international and local parties on all sides of the conflict are within small arms range of each other.

Checkpoints line the roads with flags showing different countries and militias identifying different control points.

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