Hajj in numbers: How Saudi personnel help serve the needs of 2.3 mln pilgrims

Ismaeel Naar
Published: Updated:
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More than 2.3 million pilgrims clad in white cloth will descend from the tent city of Mina and make their way toward Mount Arafat for the most important day of the Hajj pilgrimage on Saturday.

During the day of Arafat, all pilgrims will stand in vigil from noon to sunset to offer supplications, seek repentance, and listen to sermons from where it is believed Islam’s Prophet Mohammed delivered his final sermon. The ritual at Arafat is the most day of Hajj and is considered compulsory for a successful pilgrimage.

With temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius in the days prior to the penultimate day of Hajj, the task of catering to the needs of the pilgrims is no small feat for Saudi authorities.

With the Grand Mosque covering an area of approximately 360,000 square kilometers, the Saudi air force will be tasked with supporting and maintaining security from the skies.

Saudi officials have said they have installed 13,776 cell towers to ensure stable cellphone coverage and 5G technology in Mecca and the Holy sites for pilgrims.

More than 38,000 employees from across Saudi Arabia’s ministries will be handling the transport, mail, shipping, and logistics services for Hajj pilgrims.

Over 30,000 employees are on standby to provide health services for pilgrims, with 16 hospitals in Mecca and the Holy Sites, including 125 health centers, and 132 ambulance centers.

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