Al Jazeera anchor shares misleading video of Egypt Sisi’s ‘ultra-luxurious jet’

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Al Jazeera anchor Ahmed Mansour recently shared a year-old video of an ultra-luxurious private jet, claiming that it was Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidential jet.

The video of the jet was taken at a 2018 business aviation exhibition by Sam Chui - the world’s most followed aviation blogger. The show, which was held in Dubai, allows visitors to discover the latest products of the world’s leading companies in the business aviation industry.


The video was edited to cut out the parts where Chui appears, and re-voiced over by a man with an Egyptian accent who claimed that the video was “leaked from within an Egyptian governmental entity,” adding that it is being used by al-Sisi for his travels.

In the tweet where he shared the video, Mansour said: “Leaked footage of the presidential plane that dictator Abdel Fattah al-Sisi bought to use for his travels, even though there are several planes available to the presidency.”

“This decadence is happening in a country where 40 million people are living under the poverty line, and the rest of its people live in poverty. Go out, and crush him under your feet,” he continued.

This particular jet is owned by the Louisiana-based company Citadel Completions, which creates luxury aircraft interiors.

The interior of this Airbus 340-500 jet alone costs $100 million.

Some social media users re-shared the video, while others were quick to point out the presenter’s misleading use of the video.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera news network had come under fire for its coverage of weekend protests in Egypt, during which it aired eight-year-old footage that it portrayed as new material.

The channel also aired live broadcasts from across the country, describing a possible revolution and at one point suggesting President al-Sisi had “fled” to the US, where he had travelled to attend the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

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