7 tips for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

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Business across the Middle East have been shutting up shop and sending employees home as fears of the spreading coronavirus pandemic prompt extra precautions by employers.

As employees stay home, questions have been raised on what the best way to work at home is and how to stay productive and maintain workflow.


Here are some tips on getting adjusted to working from home:

1. Maintain a separate work environment

Adjusting to working from home can be difficult as distractions pester from every direction. It can be helpful to set up a separate space that is set aside for work. This helps foster a mental work environment and the mindset that is normally set aside for time in the office.

2. Distance from friends and family

As difficult as it may sound, friends and family are a serious store of distraction. In relation to tip 1, if friends and family have to be present then make sure the space set aside for work remains people free. Don’t be afraid to lock the door if necessary!

3. Keep the TV off!

For those without children, the television may well be the chief source of distraction in the home. The temptation is strong to watch a favorite TV show while working, but the time and quality loss will be high. Keep the TV for outside of work hours.

4. Avoid the bedroom

Setting up a space to work is important, but it’s also healthy to keep the bedroom separate. Numerous studies have reported that one way to maintain a healthy sleep schedule is to keep the bedroom for sleeping alone and free of distractions. A mental association with work when trying to sleep will prevent a good night’s rest and harm productivity the following day.

5. Take breaks and move

While the coronavirus has people confined to their houses, it is important to still try to get some regular form of exercise. Concentration is increased by taking short breaks to walk around and step away from work – it can be easy to forget to do so when transitioning to a home environment without outdoor access.

6. Practice good hygiene and be tidy

It can be tempting to let general maintenance slide while constantly working from home. Maintain a clean and healthy working environment by staying on top of everyday chores and an as-much-as-possible normal schedule.

7. Dress for work – even if you aren’t going

The mental association with putting on work clothes can help maintain a work-day mindset. This can help to work efficiently and as if in the office. With technology allowing for greater forms of communication, the likelihood of frequent video conferencing is high, encouraging the need to dress for the occasion!

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