Five reasons you should book that dream holiday - and five reasons to wait

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From saving money on tickets, to cancelled flights and restricted travel, weighing the pros and cons of holidaying is essential in the coming months.

Here are five reasons why you should pack your bags and go, and five reasons why it’s best to just say no… for now.

The Pros

Reduced airfares

For those looking to travel in the next couple of months, the time to buy is now. Booking a flight as lockdowns are nearing an end and tickets are cheap is too good an opportunity to pass.

Many airlines are also offering flexible tickets, meaning even if your travel plans were to be affected by the pandemic, you would be fully reimbursed or able to change your dates without penalty.

Enticing hotel deals

What’s better than a cut-price air ticket? A cut-price air ticket and a reduced rate luxury hotel stay. Along with airlines, hotels are offering knocked-down rates on a variety of packages at select properties around the world.

Clean, sanitized aircraft and airport waiting areas

There has probably not been a cleaner seat on an airplane or in an airport lounge to be found than right now.

From the start of the pandemic, airlines introduced strict cleaning procedures to ensure passenger safety. New methods, including “fogging,” have been introduced, meaning any lingering germs are killed before passengers step foot inside an airport and aboard.

Fewer tourists, smaller queues at tourist attractions

Have you ever visited the Rialto in Venice or Paris’ Eiffel Tower in the summertime? If you have, then you’ll know how the swarms of tourists make it almost impossible for you to visit some of the world’s must-visit attractions.

Preventative measures to keep you safe

With most countries around the world adopting strict precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, you are less likely to fall ill if you follow the rules and advice at both the airport and your holiday destination. Adhering to social distancing and wearing facemasks when in public will help you, and those around you, from catching and spreading the virus.

The Cons

Lockdown measures and social distancing

With most countries on lockdown and citizens practicing social distancing, now may not be the time to head off on an adventure to explore unfamiliar soils. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for citizens and travelers to follow, and many nations demand that people are tested and/or quarantined on arrival. Make sure you know exactly what is required before you leave.

Flights could still be cancelled

Despite airlines planning to resume some services in the coming weeks, countries are constantly reviewing air traffic coming in and out of its airports, and will make changes as circumstances dictate. If you do plan to travel, make sure you keep abreast of the latest flight information.

Not all visitors welcome

While some countries are easing restrictions, there are still some rules and regulations as to where people can go, at what time and for how long. There are also guidelines as to what preventative measures are in place, such as wearing facemasks, with hefty fines in some countries for those that do not comply. Check what is expected of you and the places you can and can’t visit before you travel.

You may not be able to get home

If you’re still intent on traveling and reach your chosen destination without delay, ensure there are no changes to your return flights or quarantine measures that you need to honor before you plan to return home.

You could get ill

While countries are adopting strict preventative measures and will only open flights and airports when it is safe to do so, there is still a long way to go in the fight against coronavirus. Ensuring we all follow the guidelines set by each government remains essential to ensure we all stay well and collectively beat COVID-19.